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    The Kind Lips school program offers administrators and educators a flexible, easy-to-implement program that promotes being kind to yourself and others in and out of the classroom. The program can stand alone or be incorporated into a larger curriculum format. Kind Lips in the Classroom includes:

    • Kind Lips Lip Balm: Serves as a behavior modification tool to speak kind words when applied.
    • Kindness Cards: Each student receives two cards where they write a kind sentence about themselves as well as someone else in the class.
    • Poster: Anchor chart to reinforce kind words and behaviors.
    • Video of What We Say Matters: Visual that shows kindness in motion. 
    • Educator Instructions: Explains the program and how to easily implement it in the classroom.
    • Powerpoint Slides: Grade appropriate activity and extension activities for students and staff.
    • Letter to Parents: Promotes a conversation in the home about the impact our words and behaviors have on those around