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KiND LiPS in the Classroom

Our Why:

This program has been thoughtfully designed to cultivate a kinder and more connected environment in both the classroom and the community. Bullying is negatively impacting our cities, schools, and even our homes. An epidemic of loneliness, isolation and feeling invisible, have all been recognized as a significant public health crisis. We believe this program is a part of the solution. It anchors a practical self-care item that is affordable and long-lasting to the behavior of being kind to yourself and those around you. Simultaneously, it helps rebuild social connections, improve mental health, and combat loneliness. By taking small and simple steps, this program offers not only hope but also solutions for a better today and tomorrow.

Program Includes:

Video - Easy to follow video to ensure consistent implementation.

Kind Lips, a practical tool that helps anchor kindness behavior.

Commitment to Kindness Pledge: statements that express student’s commitment to be kind to

others and themselves.

Letter for parents to help facilitate a conversation at home about the power of words.

Kindness Poster that reinforces opportunity to be kind.

Extension Activities that allow for flexibility in program.

Extra Credit

Additional items can be included that continue to reinforce kind behaviors and connections on a daily and weekly basis.

Staff Shirts

Simple and effective message.


For sidewalks and entrances. Last up to a year.

Class or School Wide Inquiry

Program can be utilized for any grade level, classroom, or school size. For more information and pricing, please contact us below.