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    The BE KIND School Program offers administrators and educators a flexible, easy-to-implement program that promotes kindness and implements improved behaviors starting in schools. The program, which acts as a reminder for students to be kind, can stand alone or be incorporated into a larger curriculum format. When you sponsor our program, the sponsored classroom will receive:

    • Kind Lips Lip Balm: Serves as a behavior modification tool to speak kind words when applied.
    • Educator Materials: Grade appropriate lessons, extension activities, and kick-off materials for students and staff. A discussion of What We Say Matters video and interactive powerpoint slides designed by a teacher.
    • Letter to Educators: Explains the program and how to easily implement it in the classroom, supports educator buy-in.
    • Kind Lips Cards: Students write kind words about themselves and others in the class.
    • Letter to Send Home: Serves as an opportunity for families to discuss the power of their words with their students...we believe kindness is learned and supported in the home.
    • Poster: Anchor chart to reinforce kind words and behaviors.